"Love takes off the masks we fear we cannot live without, 

and know we cannot live within."

James Baldwin


Risa Adams, MD

Risa Adams is a Family Physician and Certified IFS Therapist. She has a passion for supporting the growth of therapists new to IFS, offering experiential learning in individual and small group formats.


Growth Opportunities for Therapists

Learning IFS is a challenging and inspiring process. In individual sessions or groups of 2 to 6 we will explore the model and parts that come up for you as you begin to practice IFS in your work and life. Most appropriate for those who have taken Skills & Competencies or Level 1 training, or attended an introductory workshop with Risa.


Services for Therapists

Individual Consultation

Case consultation including guided exploration of your Self/parts system beginning with clinical trailheads (ie. ‘stuck points’ in your work with clients).

Note that professional parts are personal parts, and professional growth is personal growth, however this is a consultative and not a psychotherapeutic relationship. 

$150 /1 hour session

Group Consultation

Up to 4 therapists will share time for IFS Q&A and case consultation, with opportunities to practice IFS including more advanced techniques such as direct access. As always, getting to know your own parts along the way will be integral to this work.

$85 person /session

Small Group Practice

Triads of 3 therapists will meet for a series of 1.5 hour supported practice sessions. Over the course of 3 sessions you will each take a turn in role of therapist/client/observer with time built in to debrief and expand upon learnings from the work.

$255 person/3 sessions


Contact Info

Teaching IFS experientially is my passion. Contact me with questions or to book an individual or group learning session.

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