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Dandelion Parachute Seed

"Love takes off the masks we fear we cannot live without, 

and know we cannot live within."

James Baldwin

Risa Adams, MD


Risa Adams is a Family Physician who is a Certified IFS Therapist, Approved Consultant and Assistant Trainer Mentee with IFS-I. She is a proud member of IFS Connect: A Canadian Consultation & Learning Hub. Her passion is supporting the growth of therapists and practitioners new to IFS, offering experiential learning in individual and small group formats, as well as co-leading workshops and retreats. Her dream is to bring more and more IFS to health, leadership and activist communities as well as the general public.

Two Dried Leaves

Growth Opportunities for Therapists

Learning IFS is a challenging and inspiring process. In individual sessions or groups of 2 to 6 we will explore the model and parts that come up for you as you begin to practice IFS in your work and life.

Foggy Pier

Services for Therapists

*As an approved clinical consultant for IFS-I consultation hours with Risa will count towards certification for Level 1 graduates.

Individual Consultation

Case consultation including guided exploration of your Self/parts system beginning with clinical trailheads (ie. ‘stuck points’ in your work with clients). Note that professional parts are personal parts, and professional growth is personal growth, however this is a consultative and not a psychotherapeutic relationship.

Given the relative shortage of certified IFS therapists Risa is focusing her availability on Canadians seeking certification through IFS-I. For other options please visit, the IFS Institute Directory or see here.


$190 /1 hour session

Limited availability for Canadian therapists working towards certification

Calm Sea

Workshops for Therapists

Intro IFS Course

Risa Adams and Marina Hazan offer a 48 hour course scheduled over two and a half months. This comprehensive introduction includes didactic teaching, experiential exercises, skill building practices, demonstrations, and 15 hours of triad practice guided by Level 1 or 100 hour+ trained facilitators. For all details and to register see here.

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Retreats for Therapists

IFS Summer Camp

For those already fluent in using IFS in their personal and professional lives this immersive 6 day experience in a camp-like environment with other like-hearted professionals is a perfect way to deepen and expand the learnings. See for details.


Contact Info

If you are seeking any of the above consultative or teaching services please use the form below. For other recommended consultants offering individual, group and triad support visit


For IFS-informed therapy please visit the IFS-I directory, or Dr. Adams takes new patients for perinatal mental health care services by direct local referral only. 

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